University of Saskatchewan
CCHSA - Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture

Joshua Lawson, BSc, MSc, PhD

Josh Lawson, BSc, MSc, PhD
Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture  (CCHSA)
University of Saskatchewan
104 Clinic Place, PO Box 23
Saskatoon, SK  S7N 2Z4

Telephone: (306) 966-2978
Facsimile: (306) 966-8799

Current Position :

Assistant professor


Areas of Interest:

Publications: (2 last years)

Rennie DC, Lawson JA. 2011. Respiratory protection: Domestic air quality and lung health. Minerva Pneumologica 50: 17-29

Lawson JA, Dosman JA, Rennie DC, Beach J, Newman SC, Senthilselvan A.  2011. Endotoxin and tobacco smoke exposure’s association with wheeze and diurnal peak expiratory flow variability in children and adolescents.  Respirology 16:332-9

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Lawson JA, Dosman JA, Rennie DC, Beach J, Newman S, Senthilselvan A.  2009. Relationship between indoor environment and asthma and wheeze severity among rural children and adolescents. Journal of Agromedicine, 14:277-85