RDC Team Members

RaDAR-HQC Full Report Available
January, 2015


The Rural Dementia Care Website was initially created to support the research initiatives of members of a New Emerging Team grant (2003-2009) funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).  New funding through an Applied Chair in Health Services and Policy Research (2009-2014) from CIHR and the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation has allowed the research team at the University of Saskatchewan to build on the momentum gained during the previous five years.  A growing area of need in the current health care system, Rural Dementia Care is demanding the attention of health care providers, researchers, and policy makers.

sk_highwayResearch by the Rural Dementia Care (RDC) Team is inspired by the needs of Saskatchewan's aging population:

telehealthWe are guided by these strategies for care: