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PHARE Application Process

Please note that as of March 2015 funding for all CIHR-STIHR programs (including the PHARE Training Graduate Program) ceased, and CIHR is not continuing this program. Therefore, new applications for the PHARE program will no longer be accepted. However, the PHARE Class, AgMd 800.3 is still being offered as online elective course through the School of Public Health, University of Saskatchewan during the winter semester.

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PHARE Trainees

PHARE Mentors

We have had a strong group of dedicated mentors with expertise that spans the spectrum of disciplines that collectively comprise public health and agricultural-rural ecosystem policy and research. Each of the key mentors has been committed to being a member of the program, providing support to the provision of the PHARE course and seminar series, the annual conference and providing mentoring to trainees.

PHARE Partners and Collaborators

Ten participating universities from across Canada have provided the foundation for the PHARE training program. We also have had international academic collaborators as well as support from various collaborating agencies.